Handling events

In order to get informed about users connecting their storage, data being transferred, the library going into offline mode, errors being thrown, and other such things, you can listen to the events emitted by the RemoteStorage instance, as well as BaseClient instances.

Simply register your event handler functions using the .on() method, like so:

remoteStorage.on('connected', () => {
  const userAddress = remoteStorage.remote.userAddress;
  console.debug(`${userAddress} connected their remote storage.`);

remoteStorage.on('network-offline', () => {
  console.debug(`We're offline now.`);

remoteStorage.on('network-online', () => {
  console.debug(`Hooray, we're back online.`);

Check out the RemoteStorage API doc for a complete list of events and when they’re emitted.

Also check out Change events in the BaseClient API doc, which you can use to handle incoming data and changes from the remote storage server.