Publishing and finding data modules


The recommended way for publishing data modules is as npm packages.

Our naming convention for rs.js modules is remotestorage-module-mymodulename. Thus, you can also find them by searching npm for “remotestorage-module”.

You can also add “remotestorage-module” and “remotestorage” to the keywords property of your package.json.

GitHub & Co.

If you use GitHub ‒ or any other code hosting/collaboration platform for that matter ‒ for publishing your module’s source code, please use the same naming convention as for the npm module for the repo name. And it’s a good idea to add the topic/tag/label “remotestorage-module” there as well, of course.


With npm, you can also install modules directly from a Git repo or GitHub, pointing to just the repo or a branch name, tag, or commit:


  • For a real-world example of a data module package, see e.g. the shares module on GitHub and on npm. Check out webpack.config.js and the source code in index.js to see how it is built and exported.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have any package management for data modules before rs.js 1.0. To be fair, JavaScript package managers weren’t actually a thing yet, when this functionality was added to the library. However, it means we’re still in the process of porting and publishing modules and you won’t find very many existing data modules on npm right now. You can check the old modules repo for source code of legacy modules.