Release checklist

  • Build library and manually test all browsers you have access to, including mobile devices and private browsing mode

  • Create changelog since last release

    • Collect and summarize changes using e.g.:

      git log --no-merges <LAST RELEASE TAG>..HEAD
    • Add changes to

    • Commit to Git

  • Run npm version patch|minor|major|x.x.x-rc1. This will automatically:

    • run the test suite
    • update the version in package.json
    • update the version in bower.json
    • create a release build
    • commit everything using version as commit description
    • create a Git tag for the version
    • push the release commit and tag to GitHub
  • Publish release notes on GitHub

    • Go to and click “Add release notes”
    • Use version string as title and changelog items as description
    • For RCs and betas, tick the “This is a pre-release” option on the bottom
    • These notes will automatically be posted to the community forums <> after a while
  • Publish to npm (

    npm publish
  • Update to use new release

    • Replace remotestorage.js file with new release build
    • Check if everything is still working
    • Commit
    • git push origin
    • git push 5apps master
  • Link release announcement on Mastodon ( This will automatically cross-post to Twitter and IRC.

  • If it’s an important release, also notify the Unhosted mailing list