The documentation for remoteStorage.js is generated from reStructuredText files in the doc/ folder, as well as TypeDoc code comments, which are being pulled in via special declarations in those files.

We use Sphinx to generate the documentation website, and the sphinx-js extension for handling the TypeDoc part.

How to write reStructuredText and TypeDoc

For learning both the basics and advances features of reStructuredText, we highly recommend the reStructuredText Primer on the Sphinx website.

For TypeDoc, you can find guides as well as a detailed reference on the project’s website.

Automatic builds and publishing

The documentation is published via Read the Docs. Whenever the Git repository’s master branch is pushed to GitHub, RTD will automatically build a new version of the site and publish it to

This means that if you want to contribute to the documentation, you don’t necessarily have to set up Sphinx and sphinx-js locally (especially for small changes). However, if you want to preview what your local changes look like when they are rendered as HTML, you will have to set up local builds first.

How to build the docs on your machine


  1. Install Python and PIP (likely already installed)

  2. Install sphinx-js and extensions (from repository root):

    $ pip install -r doc/requirements.txt
  3. Install TypeScript and TypeDoc globally (so Sphinx can use them):

    $ npm -g install typescript typedoc


Run the following command to automatically watch and build the documentation:

$ npm run autobuild-docs

This will start a web server, serving rendered HTML docs on http://localhost:8000.


The autobuild cannot watch for changes in TypeDoc comments as of now, so you will need to re-run the command, or change something in a .rst file in order for code documentation changes to be re-built.

How to build the docs using ReadTheDocs’ Docker image

This is useful for troubleshooting when the ReadTheDocs build is failing.


  1. Install Docker

  2. Pull the latest version of readthedocs/build image with the latest tag from Docker Hub:

    $ docker pull readthedocs/build:latest


  1. Enter a bash session while attaching this project as a volume:

    $ docker run --rm -it -v ${PWD}:/app readthedocs/build:latest bash
  2. Run the script to setup conda environment and build the docs like ReadTheDocs:

    $ /app/doc/