We’re using npm scripts for all common tasks, so check out the scripts section in package.json to learn about what they’re doing exactly and what else is available.


$ npm install --force

This will install all dependencies. We currently use the --force flag because of an issue with SphinxJS and TypeDoc (see #1276).


$ npm run dev

This will watch src/ for changes and build remotestorage.js in the release/ directory every time you save a source file. Useful for testing rs.js changes with an app, for example by creating a symlink to release/remotestorage.js.

This build includes source maps directly, so you can easily place debugger statements in the code and step through the actual source code in your browser’s debugger tool.


$ npm run build:release

This creates the minified production build in release/.

It also creates a separate source maps file, which you can link to in case you want to (e.g. to improve exception tracking/debugging in production).